• River stone cage mesh

    The river stone cage mesh is mainly used to guide the river water, and the river usually flows along the natural river, and the river may have a natural curved river. If the flood, the water is huge and the flow is turbulent, the flow will tend to flow directly under the inertia, it will hit the original river channel and the embankment violently, and it may make the river possible. Change the way, that will cause a great disaster. In order to reduce the turbulent flow of water to scour the river embankment, in the inner side of the river or the edge of the river trough, paving stone cage net boxes or stone cage mats, the turbulent river water directly impacts the cage net box or the stone cage net pad so as to protect the river embankment or the river channel.
    River stone cage meshRiver stone cage meshRiver stone cage meshRiver stone cage mesh

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